Monday, October 3, 2011

multitude monday #36 - 50

#36 so thankful to be close to some horses...there is a reason horses are used for therapy.  they are huge yet gentle.  horses are truly amazing.

#37 my pillow and favorite blanket.  i love my bed.

#38 garage!

#39 nature walks.

#40 homeschool nature group.

#41 friday's french onion soup.

#42 fishing with cousins.

#43 true friends.

#44 chocolate pudding.

#45 my brave courageous son who climbed a large tree for the first time.

#46 fall weather, colors, smells, food.

#47 texts that brighten my day

#48 warm tea.

#49 books worth reading.

#50 time with my mom. 

{this is a list of things both simple and grand that i'm thankful for...going for 1,000!}


  1. A peaceful list. Has the feel of fall to it. One reason I like fall so much is I seem to feel more at peace and less pressured. Not sure why.

  2. I love your list especially the Mom one this one rings very true with me lately. You have a lovely family. I agree with Rachel above AWESOME.No problem making 1000 you are truly blessed. I have to go find some chocolate pudding:) B

  3. #50 is a blessing unlike any other.


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