Tuesday, October 4, 2011

last week: the places i've been...

both literal and figurative.  i found myself everywhere from standing in the middle of a hookah bar to rock bottom.  {not at the same time, i assure you.}

last week took me to the point where i threw up my hands and said, "that's it.  i quit.  i'm tired.  tired of living in limbo. tired of having to use my faith so much on a daily basis.  i'm tired.  i quit." 

and it seemed every single blog i visited had something to do with death or sickness.  that brought me to, "why is life so hard?  these are good people.  i'm a good person {most of the time.}  this is too much and i'm tired.  i repeat, i quit."

God is always quick to the rescue after He lets me wallow in my self pity for a few minutes.

i remembered the scripture about "wings like eagles" and "renew their strength."  i realized i had been using my own strength instead of using God's.

we got home from the library and started to read a book we checked out for trooper.  and there it was in the middle of the story. 

of a boy's book. 

just for me. 

i've changed the words to make them personal.

"Even mountain mamas become tired and need to rest.  Even mamas trip and fall.  But the mamas who trust in the Lord {not themselves!} will become strong again.  They will be able to rise up as an eagle in the sky." 
Isahiah 40:30-31

i then wondered how i could be so down and out and enjoy watching our nature group explore the land where we live and love so much.  it was a blessing.  i even found myself putting a fishing hook through a grasshopper for one of the sweet girls. 

after being up and down all around last week it was time for some fun.  i can't tell you how very cool it was to watch "Courageous" with our friends.  on saturday night i took my mom.

we were hungry after the show and she wanted to try a new place that boasted taboule and hummus...one of our weaknesses.  i didn't want to go because of the part of town it was in {it was dark} but our taste buds over ruled.

we walked in and right away something was weird.  way weird. 

{have you ever FELT like something wasn't right?"}

then we heard, "are you here to eat or smoke?"

my mom exclaimed "what?"

someone else said, "yeah...this is a hookah bar."

now i was born a smart alec but i'm not always brave enough to let my thoughts escape.  but, i am brave enough to type them.  this is what i was thinking:

a.  a hookie whatie?
b.  dude...i haven't smoked since i was a rebellious teenager.
c.  umm...we are in the wrong place. at the wrong time. everything about this is wrong.
d. what exactly are you all smoking?
e. this isn't my idea of a daughter/mother date.

i opted for: "can we get some hummus and taboule to go please?"  i looked around and noticed the fancy hookahs.  they even sold fruit flavors to add to the tabacco. 

he then went searching to find some food and he came up empty handed.  that was indeed a bit weird.

so...we hightailed it out of there before the cops showed up to do a bust {i'm kidding but that's what we felt like} and made it to the car.  we laughed...and hard.

{a hookah is way people smoke tobacco, click here to see what it looks like.}

as you can see, my life as a homeschooling mama is anything but boring.  i'm bound and determined to walk in His strength from now on and not my own. because, truth be told, i'm not that strong.  and to stay away from unknown places in the dark.


  1. Ha, ha, I would have thought the same things!

  2. Oh wow! Sounds like an exciting night. Love you girl, hang in there. : )

  3. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.Ha
    Ohhhh man, taking your Mama to the hookah lounge for a mother daughter date. Now, that's a first! Hee hee! Don't feel bad, I didn't know what a hookah was until I met my brother in-law. And then my friend who lived in in India for a few years (as a missionary, not a hookah-er) told me how popular they were. And then of course I was listening to NPR and they did a special on it, which was slightly fascinating. Some people claim they only smoke the fruits. Said the apple tastes like applesauce without eating it. I just have to say, what good is apple sauce if it isn't in your belly??? ;)

  4. HAHAHHAA!! That would have been so funny. I've only ever seen those in the movies. Glad it lightened your day/night. Your comment "I'm tired of having to use my faith so much on a daily basis" made me chuckle. That's how we feel sometimes, isn't it?? But I'm glad you found the encouragement you needed. God does that. He's cool like 'dat.

  5. oh my goodness....that was perfectly adorable. wish i could have been there to see what the ppl say when y'all left haha

  6. Thanks for the smile this morning, and may God pour out extra grace on you today!

  7. You are so right Mountain Mama it has been a hard few weeks with all that is going on with our blog family and personal stuff. I am trying to keep smiling myself here, we all seem to have stuff.
    I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making this a little down girl laugh out loud. That is the funniest Mom date I have ever heard about. Your Mom is probably still laughing too. Take care. B

  8. :D Well now THAT sounds like an adventure. We learn something new every day;DD

  9. Ha ha!!! I would have loved to seen your face when you walked in there. I am laughing just reading it. I am glad you made it through the week. I hope you continue to have a great week this week. Big hugs.

  10. Too funny! That is one memorable attempt to find some good food.
    Love how God used a boy's book to speak encouragement into your life. He is so amazing and creative!

  11. Alice in wonderland... the catepillar is smoking a hookah ROFL....You are now and forever in my mind... Was this in Tulsa????

  12. Hookah bar reminded me of "hooker" bar! Could not figure out WHAT you meant, ha!
    So very funny!!!

  13. Isn't it awesome how we can find the inspiration we need, even if it happens to be in the pages of a boy's book? :)

    Sounds like you and your mama had a very interesting time!

  14. Okay that is it young lady!! I am going to attach a video camera on you and we are going to make a fortune on your escapeds....lol

    And I thought I got into trouble...or mischief...or just plain dumb luck. I believe you beat me....lol

    And in Oklahoma...who would of thought.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  15. I love your open sharing of your faith and just admitting to throwing up your arms. I do that OFTEN. The mother daughter date experience is an original...but now I'm craving hummus. :)

  16. That is funny....who would of known...that Hookum (whatever bar)...would lift your spirits heh:)

  17. Isn't that just like God?! Throwing a laugh into your day (and heart) just when your spirit needed it most?! :)
    Your post reminded me of one of my favorite verses:
    My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

    Thanks for being real and allowing HIS power to shine for all to see...

    Life is hard...but HE IS GOOD!

  18. Well, I know now what a hookah is. I didn't have a clue.

    (Courageous was awesome! We saw it Sunday afternoon.)

  19. Hahaha!!! Great way to start my morning! I know, the first time I heard about a Hookah lounge was at Barnes and Noble... The cashier was telling me about it (he was a bit odd, I think the tobacco was getting to his head), what is our world coming to??? Seriously!!


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