Monday, October 24, 2011

it's our day.

about 15 years ago my dad looked at me and said, "there is someone i want you to meet."  i remember feeling shocked, embarrassed and loved all at the same time.  it's not every day one's father tries to fix them up {at least not in my family or culture}.  and exactly how old will this person be i wondered? up to this point i had chosen men that were not a good match for me, to say the least.  i trusted my dad's judgement.

my dad and mountain man met in horticulture classes, had worked together on projects and knew each other for one year before my dad uttered a word about me to him and vice versa.

so...there we all were on a field trip to a plant nursery.  mountain man was wearing tall white socks with hiking boots.  clearly not a match for me.  {isn't that how a 19 year old thinks?}  i made a comment that mountain man didn't agree with and he put me in my place. {he thought i was snooty.}  we met and that was that...walking away not liking each other.

little did i know he was praying for a wife.  little did he know i was praying for a new start.

a few weeks later...

i remember sitting at work talking with the girls about our weekend plans.  since i was the single one they seemed to live their lives vicariously through me.  yet, i didn't have plans for the weekend.  just then an email came from mountain man asking me out.

i said yes and announced my plans to the girls enthusiastically...wondering if i made the best choice...the socks.

he picked me up wearing cowboy boots and we ate a steak dinner.
we were never apart after that and married in less than a year.  more importantly, he got me to church and my life has never been the same in more ways than one.

i was there when he was recovering from an outpatient surgery and i passed smooth out in that hospital room.  {never have brownies, a dr. pepper and a banana for breakfast!}

i was there when he had a traumatic accident driving him to the E.R. helping him to recover trying to remain strong for the days ahead.

he can make me laugh so hard i cry.

he was there with our first born when she had to be whisked away while i lay in bed crying after a horrific delivery.  after 5 hours he announced to the nurses that the baby "needs her mama and that's it."  he then proceeded to wheel her out to me.  {he felt confident the baby was fine and she was.}

mountain man was there when the pediatric cardiologist talked with us about our middle born.  i think the world stood still.

he was there while i gave birth to our son at home.  trooper was literally stuck and mountain man stayed by my side praying.  because of a landscaping job deadline he worked three of four days straight while having a baby right in the middle of it!  he fell asleep at the dining room table with a bite of pancake in mid air!

he was there watching me with those eyes as i told my grandma "good bye" for the last time.  he held me as i woke up in the middle of the night crying for a piece of my heart was gone.

we have felt hopelessly in love and felt like nothing more than room mates.  we've made big decisions together while forgetting to include the other at times.  we've had our ups and downs. 

through it all one thing remains the same...we are ever so grateful that the Lord is the foundation of our marriage.  He is the rock.  i not only made a binding agreement with my husband but to God himself.

and it's funny...some people grow apart as they age but we seem to grow together.  we have the same goals, are on the same page and continue to learn about each other.  and work on communication.


happy 13th anniversary to such an awesome, godly husband and daddy.  i feel way blessed to be your wife.  i love you, socks and all! =)

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  1. Awwww, that is soo wonderful!!
    Happy Anniversary - God bless ya'll as you keep down the road He has planned for you!!

  2. What a wonderful post. I enjoyed the 'real' parts where sometimes you were madly in love while other times you felt like roommates. I get that and it's helpful to know it's 'normal' and not marriage defining. We've been there, more times than I'd like to admit.

    I'll pray for your relationship as this post goes out. Satan likes to attack right after these types of posts.

    You're awesome, and I'm glad I get to call you my bloggy friend :)

  3. Have a Happy Celebration of all God has given you. What a sweet story the two of you have!

  4. Oh Mama you made me cry with happiness. Happy anniversary to you and your knight in shining armour. He sounds wonderful and I should know I found one just like him. We have been together for 40 years and it gets better and better. We are both truly blessed. Your Dad is a very wise man, so was mine. He told me this was the right one.
    Have a great day Mama. All the best to you and the wonderful family you both have created full of love and much happiness. B

  5. God's blessings on your life together!

  6. Wow...great post! Happy Anniversary...and may the Lord bless you with many more!

  7. ~b
    what a fantastic Godly love story the both of you have.....what a terrific relationship you are showing your children happy 13 year friend

  8. a marvelous post. happy anniversary to you both. God has blessed you, for sure. and thanks for including that it's not always easy or perfect. :)

  9. God has certainly blessed both of you! Happy anniversary to the both of you.

  10. Oh, and the joy of anticipating the next 13 years - and beyond!! A love story for the ages... happy for you both, friends. :}

  11. Happy 13th Anniversary! Beautiful love story... not many of us out there anymore it seems. My honey & I will be married 18 years in Feb. together 18.5. We not only love each other but we like each other too ;)

  12. Happy Anniversary!! So glad that the Lord... and your Dad brought you two together! Isn't it wonderful to be that in love with your spouse...I have that too and I thank God everyday for my Don!!

  13. Oh, you brought tears to my eyes! Such a sweet story of your relationship....God's pretty good at this match making thing! Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary! That was such a lovely post... *sigh*. We have to work hard at the communication too ;)
    Love, A x

  15. Happy Anniversary! What a great post!

  16. That is one awesome tirbute to your husband and to marriage!!!!! Well done! and keep up the good work!

  17. Beautiful post Mountain Mama. Congratulations to you both. Marriage isn't an easy street, but the speed-bumps and rocky patches are far outweighed by the good. Here's to the next 13.

  18. Happy Anniversary! A wonderful testimony of the Lord's working in your lives, love, and commitment.
    PS - I would have been thrown by the socks thing too.

  19. Happy Anniversary! It will be 5 years for us this Friday.

  20. Beautiful post! I'm all teary... I share many of your thoughts and feelings on my marriage... My guy wore a purple tank top and had a buzz cut - *NOT* gonna be *my* type I swore... Now he's the biggest blessing in my life! God knows best for sure! CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS for sharing and keepin it real!

  21. What a wonderful, well written post. I also share many of your thoughts on marriage. Happy Anniversary {belated}!!!!

  22. When my husband and I were dating, he gave me a card that said, “I keep thinking I couldn’t love you more, and then keep finding that I do.”

    I was so much in love with him, it did not seem possible that I could love him more. But as the years to go by, I am continually amazed at how true that card was.

    Of course, like every married couple, we have those ups and downs but have grown closer through it all. And I know it is because the Lord works everything for His good.

    You two are adorable together.



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