Wednesday, October 26, 2011

it's a beautiful day...

i would be lyin' if i said we don't miss the mountains.  that we haven't wondered what it's like to experience a fall being surrounded by such nature.  but, we aren't in the mountiains.  we are in oklahoma.  and in oklahoma, we have lots of pumpkins! and friends to enjoy them with!  and we are ever so grateful the wind finally has a chill in it.  now if only the leaves would start changing!  anyway, here's to fall and everything it entails!

trooper is the proud driver of a truck full o' punkins and girls!  i love this shot!

in oklahoma we can practice ropin' after choosin' a punkin.

a green one.  someone has to be different.
{this shot is for flora.}

sweet was love at first sight.

we were celebrating a friend's birthday...happy birthday! we love you!

why is it mama's can never be wheeled out after a long day of play?

i turn my back for one minute and this is what happens!  he's one of the kids...and i love it!

happy fall y'all!


  1. Looks like fun! What a gorgeous day!

  2. I am so happy you found a green pumpkin:).... LOL Looks like a wonderful day and so glad you are longing for a cool wind...wanna come visit?:) (but two more sleeps and we get to go south for a few weeks:):):)

  3. Ohhh I MISS pumpkin patches! We don't grow em here. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  4. Oh this looks like so much fun the biggest kid of yours certainly does seem to be enjoying himself :) Happy Fall, heading into winter for us.B

  5. What a fun time and it looks like the weather was on your side too.

  6. What fun! I love days/moments like this:)

  7. Happy Fall to you!!! Great great pictures!

  8. ohhh happy day!

    what is it about pumpkins that have me all a glow

  9. Way cute pics! Love the first one. How fun!

  10. Very very cute. I can't believe how much it looks like your kids are growing up! The difference in photos from week to week is astonishing.

  11. BTW-It is already cold here. :) Great picture.


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