Wednesday, September 14, 2011

walking by faith.

your comments affect and mean alot to thank you!!!  this comment was received a couple of days ago regarding the closed our faces and other people's lack of faith.

"Amen and amen and amen and amen. Oh, it's so hard when you have faith and others have fear! I know this very well. Often my faith has been called stupidity or foolishness. And yet, our faith is a gift from God. We can't manufacture it. May God surround you with many who have much faith and trust in the LORD and may you continue to be an example of looking to Jesus and not your circumstances. I love the lessons you've learned from this, too, and your children....WOW! They're learning to walk by faith and not by sight. Love and hugs to you, my friend!!" ~trisha

this comment took me back almost a year ago.  we had relocated out of state for the first time.  after a few months, our employer couldn't pay us or make the mortgage for the property we were managing.  of course the Lord wanted us to stay right through it all.  i won't go into all the details again since i have before. 

but, i want to reiterate this.  and please know, in no way do i think i'm an expert at anything.  i'm only trying to fine tune my radar ears in the Lord's direction.  and actually obeying what He tells me to do!  what a novel idea, i know!

finally...and i do mean finally...the Lord gave us permission to go.  then, an eviction notice came.  the pressure was on. but where to do we go? stay out of state?  move home? 

we heard about a job in the mountains and contacted the owners about the job.  we really felt like it was where we were supposed to be.  we didn't hear anything from them for 2 WEEKS!  i repeat 2 WEEKS!

we were packing up.  family was calling asking: "what are you doing?  where are you moving?  what are you going to do?"  it was enough to drive me crazy.  and then that stinky enemy would breathe the same questions in my ears every other minute. 

i'm sure some people thought we REALLY were crazy while some may have thought we weren't being totally honest.  if we're being honest here i thought mountain man was Crazy with a capital C at one point.

he said and i quote, "don't be surprised if the Lord doesn't tell us where we are going until we are in the moving van and ready to leave."

time out.

i just about choked on my french fry.  and this was my reply.  to the Lord not mountain man because who can argue with a Crazy man?

"Dear God, you know i have faith.  but..really...i'm not ready for this.  please...tell us where you want us to go soon.  what is your will? i'm a planner!  i need to know these things!! please?" 

or something like that.  i was in a desperate panic mode.

a few days before moving date we got the phone call saying we got the job in the mountains.

my point is that it's not always going to make sense.  i repeat, God's plan is not going to make sense to the human eye and brain.  especially if you're trusting Him for big things. 

i couldn't dwell on what i didn't know...i had to dwell on what i did {which was only His word at this point!}  and i most certainly could not listen to the concerns of well meaning family members. 

and yes, in the end we didn't look so crazy after all.  then again, that depends on who you ask.

so i have a question for you.

what is God calling you to do? 

{i promise i won't think it's crazy!}


  1. thanks for the reminder to stop and ask Him... :)

  2. God called me to be in Texas.. still waiting to hear what I am doing here...AHAHAHA.. but loving it and loving the waiting.. But would love even a Donotreply style email any day now.. are ya listening, Lord??? :)

  3. I am still listening....
    Faith is hard for me...I think I am in the process of learning.
    (As for your comment a couple posts back- yes I homeschool and yes- I OFTEN use Charlotte Mason!:D)

  4. Ah, this was so good. I feel like God is calling me to look beyond the walls of my happy little home, and recognize a harvest ready for reaping. That scares me, because it means I have to pull my head out of the sand. It scares me because I don't know how I'll have time to minister when I feel like I'm the one that needs ministered to. Maybe scared isn't the right word, but intimidated is. I KNOW God isn't calling me to disregard the raising of my children as utmost priority, but I feel like He IS calling me to "live out loud" through their raising. And I just have to wonder if I'm hearing Him right, because I'm so tired, and my fuse is so short, but I find myself measuring out grace by the tablespoons instead of teaspoons more and more. And if that isn't proof that it isn't about ME, then I don't know what else is. :)
    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. I L*O*V*E this post. I am "working" on this, in a different sort of way but same concept...I am always trying "hear" his voice...I love when I do, hate when I get consumed with the world and then miss out again.
    I am totally believing for my oldest son's healing of diabetes. I know he IS already healed, Jesus took care of it on the's just difficult somedays to "be sure of what I hope for and certain of what I do not see". But...I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see( Jeremy Camp song). I know people wonder when I say that...but I refuse to back down!
    Faith...such a small word with such BIG meaning!
    I'm floundering as we speak, questioning if what I'm doing is what I'm Called to do, or if I'm just doing it because I always have...
    God will show may cause me to "step Out in Faith" and I'm not sure why I get so scared of that???!!!

    GOOD POST! Thank you for sharing!!! You and your family totally inspire me!!

  6. The waiting IS always the HARD part. You rock. B

  7. As always I'm wowed by your faith! God's timing is perfect, the waiting sure is hard though. What is God calling me to do? Well right now like you, wait. As the government is working on the jobs bill, my husband's government job is being eliminated (which I find a bit ironic), Oct. 7 he will be out of work. We have known this was coming for a while, but thought it may stretch out until December. Being a temporary position (he's had for 6 years, he's not eligible for any usual benefits). He has applied, interviewed and not been hired for several jobs during that time. We have debated about relocating, looking out of state, or in another part of the state, but the answer right now is wait. I don't know what is coming, I don't know what is going to happen, but I'm not stressing out (much), in God's time the plan will be revealed, and as always everything will be fine and usually better than I imagined! (BTW I am employed and that helps a lot!)

  8. I love reading your words! Your faith will be honored and I think even your pleading with God will be are seeking Him and His ways. What could be better than that?
    We are studying Genesis here... the Patriarchs had alot of waiting to do and the troubles came when they didn't wait but came up with their own ideas to "complete God's promises". God didn't need their help, He knew just what needed to happen to fulfill what He said He was going to do. He is Faithful and the God of Love. You are at the very center of His heart!

  9. God is calling me to focus, to let go and spend more time with Him. Thanks for the reminder. I love your words.

  10. I've so enjoyed my first stop by your blog. What a testimony you and your family are to our God and His plans for our lives. It's all about trust and faith and I so often struggle with both. So nice to meet you and may the Lord continue to direct and lead you and your precious family. Blessings galore!

  11. You make me smile. Keep walking by faith, sweet friend. I'm praying for you!

  12. Yes, you inspire me, you and that sweet family. I love the blogging world because of the people I 'meet'. I have no way of being able to put feelings into words very well... I live that about you! Great post, girl!

  13. love*.. not live.. geez I can't type today, I guess. ;)


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