Wednesday, September 21, 2011

thoughtful thursday: a lesson learned.

{the dialogue}

kids: mama...can we go swimming today?
mountain mama: no, it's too cold.  it's not summer anymore.

<repeat 10 X day>

sometimes, it takes learning a lesson first hand.   and no, a dip of their feet in the water did not convince these children of mine.  who did they get this stubborness from i silently don't have to anwser.

today on this warm day the dialogue changed:

mountain mama: yes!  get your swimming suits on!
kids: {squeal with delight}

they lasted about two minutes.  scout made one jump in and that was it for her!

i did refrain from saying "i told you so" however i was not able to hold in my giggles.

later boo said: mama i'm sorry we didn't trust you {about the water being cold}. 

did you get that? {she's my deep thinker} here it is again: i'm sorry we didn't trust you.

how often do we not trust God?  how often do we think we know what's best for us? could it be He's just keeping us safe much like i try keep my babies safe from harm? how often does He need to let us learn the lesson on our own...even if it means letting us dive into shockingly cold water?  

so long summer, hhheeelllloooo fall!

{please note: the water was not freezing by any means.  i would never willingly put my children in harms way.  their lips didn't even turn purple as mine did while swimming so many times!  no worries :}


  1. I have always thought that kids don't seem to notice the cold. My kids did swim until their lips were blue on occasion...I like it to feel like bath water!

  2. You're a good mom.
    And that jumping in the water thing is a hard lesson to learn;D

  3. I think you are a great's so hard to let go and let them figure those things out...I'm sure God thinks the SAME thing!
    Great always.

  4. great thoughts! I would be one of those crazies still swimming in this cool Fall weather though... =)

  5. That's been the famous question around here too! I didnt have the chance to let them see for themselves though. It got too cold too fast! :)

  6. Hooray for Boo! What a great lesson!

  7. Love those goggles... great message!

  8. That's awesome! What a good mama you are. And a lesson we ALL need to hear. Thanks!

  9. What a great analogy! How often parenting has taught me about how the Lord grows me.

  10. beautiful that, even now, your children have eyes to see your heart and to understand the wisdom of your words. As adults, we sometimes have not yet mastered this, so when we go ahead and dive in we only emerge dripping wet and bitter, not always wiser.
    How blessed are your children to have a mama who uses teachable moments to teach their hearts about the things that matter most...trusting God and taking Him at His word.
    Loved it.....always love my time here! :)

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  12. I love this! Sometimes it takes the shock of the water to make us realize how foolish we've been!!

    YAY fall!!! (PS around here the water is NEVER warm enough to swim in... at least not for me) :)

  13. Oh that Boo, what a tender heart she has. Sorry I've not been by much lately. I need to email you.

  14. what a great story!!! and I am all for learning lessons by experience....and sometimes God lets me learn that way too

  15. Great post! A good lesson for all of us. Your a good mom if your kids can recognize when you are right! We can learn so much from little ones too!


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