Sunday, September 11, 2011

scripture & snapshot

today and everyday

as we remember

this is my prayer.

God bless our nation and those whose lives will never be the are my heroes.

{if you have a minute, listen to the song :}


  1. PS. Perfect song choice by Shawn McDonald.

  2. love the song... and your shot is outstanding!!!and my prayer as well

  3. Lovely song pick. And beautiful photo. I've seen many posts today created as a tribute to those fallen and those who served on Sept 11. It was a time where (from my Canadian perspective) Americans came to together to help their fellow Americans. And still today, 10 years later, come together in Remembrance.

  4. Perfect song and snapshot with verse. Amazing Grace!! your blog. It is wonderful and uplifting. Thank you!

  5. Great Scripture to encourage us at this time of remembering and to highlight your photo.

    Enjoy the pictures of your family across the top and the warmth here at your blog.


  6. oh, beautiful Scripture for today!

  7. Great pairing of photo and verse. We will never forget.

  8. The US flag is very colorful. We on the other side of the world remember September 11th too. I like your choice of verse.

  9. We also remember Sept 11 and what you all went through. I remember watching it all unfold on TV as I was working from home, the horror of that day will be with me forever. But most of all I remember the beauty, compassion and bravery I witnessed that day. It gave me a love for your country and people. May God bless America.

  10. God bless America!

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  11. Heroes indeed!!!! Beautiful picture and may God continue to bless this country.


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