Tuesday, September 6, 2011

our weekend.

wow, this fantastically cooler weather is just what the mama ordered!!!  we had a great, relaxing, fun filled weekend!  dinner with friends...a homemade italian dinner complete with homemade bread, pesto and sauce...yum!  a trip to the lake to visit family, a movie, some time at the park...it was just perfect!  and here are some pics.

trooper had fun...

so did boo.  of course what kid wouldn't being able to ride their bicycles and play basketball inside of the house?

homemade lemonade...and not the master cleanse kind!

pooie on gluten free...this bread and pesto were amazing.

like her matching shoes? :)

i love him.  and he loves me.

a stroll to see the lighthouse at the lake.

the girls love their aunt!  it wouldn't have anything to do with the table full of candy, cookies, popcorn, rice krispie treats either.  :)

did you all have a good labor day?


  1. sweet family and sweet family fun. yes, i had a good labor day too. :)

  2. How fun! That bread looks YUMMY. And fresh squeezed lemons make me happy too. My favorite is to make fair lemonade...with a HALF cup of sugar, some water and half a lemon. YUMM!! I went shopping this weekend, which is completely abnormal for me, but I got some good sales at JoAnns, so I had a good day :) Hope your week goes well for ya!

  3. Oh Mountain I can feel all the love pouring from this post. Love of family and each other what a wonderful thing.
    I had a great time with My Hero the man I love also. Take care the kids look very happy you are doing a great job. B

  4. love love her pink shoes...i've been trying to find a gently worn pair for kate...she's in women's sizes now...i wish i could shrink her

    the day went by too fast...no idea what we did haha

  5. What fun and you got some wonderful photos too!! We had my niece's wedding and my son's birthday...so it was a full weekend!

  6. enjoyed playing catch-up with you & looking at your wonderful pictures. What a great time spent with family.

  7. Such cute pictures! I LOVE the pink dress and shoes! Very good match, I think!
    Thanks for your note! We are well...just...summer and 10 kiddos overtook me for a bit here....:) We'll be starting school on Monday, and maybe...just maybe...some schedule will settle in to place! (and then I can catch up a bit on my blog reading and writing!) The last month has been the culmination of all our summer stuff....the county fair (which requires 5 days of our life!), a kids camp with swimming lessons (except for the one winged child), and then family camp w/ church! Good to read what's been going on w/ you! I have been praying for your family...I had a chance to read one of your posts about having been dealt a blow...so sorry! Glad that you seek your peace in the Lord! I'll hopefully be getting caught up on my reading in the next few days here!
    Thank you, for your kind note -(missing me!)Hope your day is glorious!

  8. Wonderful pictures... and mama... I'm stilling smiling about the pumpkin! You are too cute!

  9. Love the shot of you and your hubs, so sweet!

  10. So wonderful! What great memory banking!!

  11. Absolutely delightful! That's my kind of way to spend a day, too. Making memories with my family and praising God for every good gift. Hugs to you!

  12. Looks like a great weekend! Doncha just love the cooler weather??
    Oh, and yes, I LOVE her matching shoes. ;)


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