Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a meeting of a stranger.

                            {do you see me?  top right corner.}

there i was in the georgia heat on the set of "Courageous."  i had volunteered to help out with the extras for the race scene.  after a while during filming "my team" didn't need my help. 

so...there i was.  should i go home?  stay?  watch from a distance?

i opted to stay, after all it's not everyday one gets to see a movie being made.

the duggars were there, not all of course.  and the cameras were rolling as i stood on the sidelines cheering for the runners.  over and over.  but, that's not what my heart remembers.  that's not what stands out.

my heart remembers the friend i made that day.  a kindred spirit i will probably never see again.  though we are kindred spirits, we are almost complete opposites on the outside.  i am white, she is black. {i regret not visiting her church, i love gospel music.}  she is soft spoken, me...not so much.  she is a single mom and i am not.

so what did we have in common?  our hearts!  we encouraged one another. we laughed.  we shook our heads together at times wondering how people can be the way they are.  and we cheered for those runners...over and over.

after talking a bit she leaned in and whispered, "i just got a divorce."  i belted out, "you don't have to whisper it!"  she seemed relieved and smiled a beautiful smile. 

i told her how we had moved from home and she was nothing but supportive.  

and as i reflect, what a big statement she was making by being there.  it was a father/son race.  she just divorced her son's father for not being a safe, secure and stable person.   {she is sure that her sons spend time with their pastor, a godly influence, that is so important for teenagers!}  in spite of it all, she was there with her sons who were running in the race.  it was as though their presence was saying, "my earthly daddy isn't being who i need him to be right now but my Father in heaven, He's got my back.  Let's do this thing...earthly dads...wake up!!!"

{she and i parted with a hug}

so today, when people ask, "are you in the movie??"  i smile and humbly say, "maybe" because i don't know if i made the cut and honestly, it doesn't matter. 

what matters is the people.  the lives. our not-by-chance meeting.  what matters is the hearts that will be changed by the movie.  {including mine}

that's it. 

{and i agree, it's cool i could be there :}

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  1. Amazing how when you meet someone, wherever it may be, kindred (those joined together by HIM), we just know it! Hoping our paths cross one day. I was hoping you would share your whereabouts in the movie, so I could be looking for you! :))

  2. Hearts in common I love that. They are the best friendships. Great post may I have your autograph? B

  3. Great post...I love meeting new people who share my heart!

  4. i love it when 2 souls make a connection. :)

  5. Isn't it wonderful how God works moment by moment! And knowing you are where He wants you to be makes everything just fine.

  6. Wow....you must shine with the love of Jesus to be so easy to talk to like that! Your family is precious.

  7. Oh that was really good!
    I have a black friend I just met up with her again after 5 or 6 years. She came to visit my church. I think they will be back next week. Be friendly is a blessing from God...people need THE FRIEND LIKE NO OTHER in us ...CHRIST!

  8. How wonderfully arranged by the Lord! I am amazed when I find kindred spirits in the least likely places, but it makes for the most memorable meetings. So glad you shared this today, as it reminds me that the Lord is always orchestrating our lives and encounters no matter how 'random' they may appear.

  9. @ saleslady...thank you! i don't know about that, maybe easy to talk to :)

    thanks again!

  10. How cool you got to be on the set! The movie will be awesome! Alex Kendrick the producer was my youth pastor in Atlanta GA

  11. What a blessed encounter for you both! The bestest kind!!! Thanks for the lift!

  12. What a blessing, God leads us to some great people in this life here on Earth. And each day, we never know just whats in store. :) Glad you had a good time!

  13. Love that line about having your hearts in common! I love how the Lord brings new friends across our path. What a lovely blog! Glad you stopped by Our Journey Home. :)


  14. Don't you wish there were more people like that? I'm sure she enjoyed meeting you too.

  15. Well you might up being a movie star! hehe

    Thanks for the great post and great reminder!

  16. You just paid it forward by sharing this story with so many more people. I can't help but feel good and smile after reading this. Yes...very cool!

  17. What a great story! I'm so excited about this movie! Our church helped bring it to town, and are giving all the police officers in our area tickets!

  18. Nice....and it doesn't matter if we have a lead role or an extra!


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