Monday, September 5, 2011

happy anniversary...

dear uncle bob and aunt donna,

i can't put into words how much you two mean to us.  i remember attending church with you all when i was a young girl, running errands, singing songs, fishing, eating burgers and just being with you. 

little did i know then just how much you would impact not only our lives but the lives of countless others as well.  i'm ever so grateful for your examples...your walks with the Lord, your patience, love, support and down-to-earthness {sure, that's a word!}  AND, your marriage.

as you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary we just want you to know how much you are loved.  and we are celebrating right there with you...marriage is challenging and what a great example you are!

thank you for pouring into our lives, too bad everyone doesn't have an aunt and uncle just like you!

wishing you a very blessed anniversary {better late than never :} with much love.

the mountain family.

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  1. Happy 50th to your Uncle Bob and Aunt Donna!! Love that car...classic!!


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