Friday, September 16, 2011

contact has been made.

we are fortunate to live where horses and a llama roam.  the horses are friendly and accept love and treats from us.  the llama...not so much. in fact, he kinda scares us.  i think he's in with the horses to protect them.  that right there is scary enough.  and he can spit.  stinky spit.  you can see above how he always has his eyes on the horses, if not directly then indirectly much like a mama.

lo and behold we were able to get up close and personal to this elusive creature.  the girls and i were holding our breath.  he's quite cute...sporting long eyelashes while he seems to be smiling.  or, it is a smirk?

nonetheless scout was brave.  she offered a peace offering.

and he sniffed.  and we exhaled.

llama llama mountain mama? 

{if you've never read the llama llama children's books then you must! llama llama mad at mama is a favorite around here!

y'all have a great and memory filled weekend!!


  1. Great photos and I've always heard they were mean. Be Careful! Beautiful cooler weather here.

  2. Love your pics!
    I didn't receive any email...try ld underscore mow at

  3. COOL I wish I was with Scout being brave. Nice shots. Have a nice weekend. B

  4. I've heard they can were brave!

  5. how cute! glad you made friends with him!

  6. It had to happen soon. From what I have gathered reading your blog, you and animals will always have a connection - good or bad! :) Have a great weekend!

  7. Love Llamas and the llama llama books... what a wonder to meet... we are off o see a rare white buffalo tomorow.

  8. Most of the time, llamas are pretty easygoing, but don't like to have their faces touched. I did a post featuring my llama tonight.

  9. Those are beautiful photos!! What a fun memory.

  10. Horses are lovely creatures. I've not seen a real llama yet. The head looks like a giraffe's especially the cute eyelashes :-) It must be interesting to see one!

    BTW, thank you for posting our foundation badge in your sidebar.

    Blessings to you!

  11. Way cute! Yeah, I'd be a little scared too.

    OH and we love the llama llama books!


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