Wednesday, August 10, 2011

we are THAT family part III

i honestly didn't know this would turn into a's almost getting ridiculous isn't it?  what can we do but roll with punches and pray?!  and laugh, of course.  there was a huge storm last night.  sirens that stopped in front of the house around 3 am...heart fell to stomach.  downed power line in front yard.  i was laying in bed wide awake planning what to do if the tornado sirens went off...rain boots, purse, laptop, kids, basement.
the sky was lit up with lightning more than it was dark.

without any prompting from me, the girls wrapped in shaws, got their flashlights, laterns and chairs and watched all the traffic having to turn around in the driveway...the police men wouldn't let them through.

we are that family who can turn any situation into a learning experience and fun!

while the power was out, the kids sewed, read books and played outside.  the doors were open for a very nice breeze and fresh air. {and i think that's a handkerchief tied in scouts hair, i truly never know what they will come up with! she is wearing a poodle skirt you can't see!}

today...we are THAT family.  the thankful, sleepy, happy family.

we are that family part I
we are that family part II

thanks goes out to the crew {firemen, police, repairmen} for working steady to keep us safe!


  1. glad they came out to repair things quickly!!!

  2. Wow, what an adventurous week! Such a blessing they were out to repair it so quickly and a great learning experience for the children. They look so sweet sitting on the porch with their shaws.

  3. Wow you have had a lot of excitement. The kids look so cute and happy. B

  4. Can't wait to see what happens next!!! LOL!

  5. Ya know, I waited to read your "we're that family" posts because I havent had much time lately and I didnt want to just skim through quickly.
    I'm glad I did that! What an amazing week youve had! So glad everyone's alright and you did turn the craziness into a learning experience. :)

  6. Cute post... glad everyone is ok after the storm.

  7. Home school field trip with front row seats:)))
    I love those...although yours are way to adventurous for me;))

  8. Wow what a life you live!! You don't need TV...or any type of just comes to you:)

  9. Oh my! You really are THAT family. I am so glad that no one was hurt. I am also glad that no fires were started this time. ;)
    I will be praying that this is the end of your action for at least a little while.

  10. My goodness! Never a dull moment! :o)

  11. Those storms have been Cuh-rayzee! (My Dad works for OG&E, he says they've been soooo busy!)but the rain is sooo nice. Been thinking about heading up your way to visit my friend who is staying in Sands Springs while her hubby is deployed. Let me know if you'd be interested in getting together!

  12. If you don't find the adventure, the adventure finds you!!! :-)


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