Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sunflower life lessons & earth wonders photo challenge

this sunflower was captured last fall in georgia.  i was drawn to this lonely flower...her friends were blooming in a huge field next to her, but she remained on the side.  i also noticed she was missing some petals.  some may think this would make her less attractive...maybe the local florist or professional photographer.  but, i quite enjoy her uniquness.  there are lessons there and i think of this photo quite often. 

*we should strive to be ourselves, unique in the way God made us, not try to be like all the other sunflowers!  they are a dime a dozen...right?

*she has  much to offer - her seeds will be a blessing for maybe even years to come.

*she doesn't let her imperfections harm her self worth...look how tall she in standing!  she's not drooping in sadness.

so much can be learned in even the single flower!

the earth is a wonderful many unique places, animals, hardscape,'s full of things to explore!  i'm linking up today with a new {to me} photo challenge...not because i think my photos rock...but because i love the wonders of the earth.  and...ana is having a giveaway and you know how much i love giveaways! this week's theme is yellow!

{before edit}

EARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio


  1. so beautiful :) you make life special in every way! love the sunflower and its uniqueness and the wise words you wrote inspired by it. so good to have on board, you have an amazing eye for beauty, that makes a photographer (not their gear). your editing made the colors (and the yellow) even more vibrant. brilliant :) thank you so much for your contribution. xoxo

  2. that was beautifully written...a good lesson for our little girls about not having to be perfect...we are perfect in God's eyes...

  3. Amazing sunflower I love that she stands by herself and is not afraid to be different. B

  4. I love you edit! Beautiful job!

  5. nice photos and perfect wisdom. :)

  6. Love it ... the photo and the message :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by tomorrow's memories and leaving your encouraging comments. Guess I'm like your sunflower - I do things differently. Love your words of wisdom and your photo is smashing! Stop by anytime.

  8. Thornton Wilder is right.
    I ahve been opting for safe at home for a while now.


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