Monday, August 22, 2011

one thousand gift #28-35

i have not done a multitude monday in quite some time...not because our lives are missing blessings.  but because my mind has been busy finishing up my schooling, planning our homeschool year and with our new business venture...that's not a good excuse is it?  one should make time often, very often, to make note of all the blessings being poured on them.  so here it goes...

#28 so very thankful for that blond headed shoeless little girl at the library who sat me down and showed me a bible.  she pointed to Jesus on the cross.  and she even told me He's coming back for us in her special two year old way. she melted my heart and made me most thankful she took the time to brighten my day! {does she do this with all stragers i wondered}

#29 for the Lord putting the right people in our lives at the right time.  it's truly amazing. 

#30 time fishing with my family.  

#31 for naked ladies.  that's what grandma used to call them...always with a giggle.

#33 for my mom who helped scrub furniture and played games with the fun to hear all the giggles!!

#34 so thankful for scout.  this very special girl that i'm the momma of.  she is becoming quite the young lady...and fishergirl.

#35 for the morning i opened my bible at random and psalm 54 was brought to my attention.  i did not know it then but we had one of our hardest days ever...and God totally prepared us for it!!!  He rocks, ya know?

that's all for cup runneth over.


  1. ♥ u friend! you and yours are constantly in my thoughts! *precious about the little shoeless girl. God is good!

  2. Love the precious little shoeless girl...God sends these children to us at the right time...doesn't he! Scout is getting so grown the fish! We all have so much to be thankful for!! Enjoy your week!!

  3. Don't you love that HE goes before us - preparing the way....

    Love the 'shoeless' girl story. Methinks her feet were shod with the Gospel of peace.... no room for shoes :)

  4. Aw, wonderful post! Made me smile!

  5. Sweet list. Loved #1, and your fishergirl and I have something in common. I'm married to an avid fisherman so I often find myself at rivers, lakes and ponds. I like the catching part. I have a picture of me with some trout on my "a bit about me" page. Grace and peace . . .

  6. That pic of you and Trooper is adorable!

    Ok, now I'm off to read Psalm 54! I've had some real challenges at work lately, so I've been focusing on Psalm 46.

  7. WOW....God uses even the little ones!



  8. This post made me smile...and sniffle. but just a bit...


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