Tuesday, August 30, 2011

on your heart tuesday...

i happen to have many things on my heart, lots of words to get out.  surprise, surprise.  words seem to be how i heal, grow, discover and communicate. 

first and foremost i'd like to thank you all for your comments on our last scripture and snapshot.  i read them to mountain man last night and we were blown away.  thank you for your prayers, support, kind words and for sharing your struggles with us.  you all put tears in my eyes and some wind in my sail!

another thing that is on my heart has been church.  everyone we know here in town has asked us to their church.  that's great, no problem only we don't feel like that's where we need to be.  weird? 

after going to a mega church, medium size church, country church,  a home church and our own little church in the mountains i can honestly say our ideas of church have changed. we were even invited to a mennonite church in idaho and sadly we couldn't make it before moving...i would have loved that.  i'm not saying we don't believe in church...that's what reaching others is all about.  i'm just saying for us, right now, the Lord is leading us to have quiet family services at home and fellowship with friends. 

and speaking of being different...something i've come quite accustomed to these days... here is something i wasn't ready for but should have anticipated.  going to wal-mart {or other heavily populated areas} with kids in tow during school time.   


the looks, the stares, the comments...which actually have all been very positive.  yes, we are homeschoolers.  it's just a part of our life, we don't think anything of it.  but, it's not the norm.  and when people see something that's not the norm then they...well, you know what they do. 

and it's not the first time. 

and i wonder...why do i have to be the one to explain to the cashier what gluten free means?  need some info about homebirths?  i'm your gal.  vaccines?  do your research.  follow the leading of the Lord?  do i have a story for you!

every family is different.  every person is unique.  we all are on our own path, hopefully all leading to the same eternity...but we are not all the same.  i really try to respect other people's decisions, and i hope they in turn will respect ours.

but, i admit, it's not always easy...is it?


  1. I really agree with you but that last photo just almost made my heart stop.

  2. I know how much of this feels. Especially the church stuff. God taught me so much for the few years we were out of a corporate church, more than a lifetime in church taught me. I truly learned what the church was. And it isn't a building, it's simply Christ. The fellowship is what is missed the most.

    As for the being out in public stuff with kids, I so remember those days growing up. Mom would get asked some pretty crazy things. We have a fairly large homeschool community where we're at so it's not so bad anymore. Most people understand. But still...there's a whole slew of people ready to pounce on various issues. Had the vaccine discussion with someone recently. Oy vey. :)

    Whatever floats your boat and doesn't sink mine, that's my saying. :)

  3. Oh wow. I am here, friend. Two and a half years ago we left our church. The church that consisted mainly of Jeremy's family. The place we felt most at home. We made a tough decision, but it had to be made. God has never spoken so loudly or clearly to me as when He said, "You are not to go back there". I still struggle with this. Every once in awhile I think maybe it's time to go back, but then I am almost always shown immediately that it's still not the time. So . . . church around our dining room table it is! {I also attend several women's bible studies each year}. Anyway. Just wanting you to know that I completely understand views of church being changed. Mine definitely have over the last few years.

    And going out in public with the kiddos during school . . . lol! Yes. I was just thinking about that yesterday as we went grocery shopping. Our local public school doesn't start until after labor day, but the little town we go to for groceries started back to school yesterday. I used to deliberately not go shopping during school hours so as to avoid the looks and questions. Now I don't care so much ;) I can't go anywhere at any time without being asked "Are those all yours? All GIRLS??? Are you going to keep trying for a boy??!", anyway. So, may as well add homeschooling to the convo, lol!

  4. Wow girl... I understand totally!! What we need is more people with a faith like yours!! And that picture!!

  5. I just cracked up at that last picture. Somehow, I identified with the BABY there. That's about how I felt when I left the last church I was in. And believe me, it wasn't funny. I'm 63 years old now. It took me this long to find a real church. Tiny in size, mighty in God, and changing the world around them. It's all new to me, and I'm so sorry I did not find this years ago. I really didn't think I'd ever go back into an organized church setting again. But this grew from a house setting, Bible study type thing. God leads us all, and when we follow, we will find what is bet for us and our families. Thank you for posting this. I won't forget that picture!

  6. Somehow when Moses was in the desert with his family, i dont think God was chastising him for not going to services somewhere - He had him right where they were suppose to be, getting rest, working on their relationships and talking with God before the big task at hand.

    Personally I think the same goes for us ;)

    And you need to visit NW Wisconsin - a good majority of my friends were homeschoolers - yet me being the working mom I was just as loved in the "gang" as everyone was lol


    the grass shot cracks me up!

  8. i'm glad you have some zip back in your step. and i totally get the 'church' thing. God is in my life every minute of every day. i am most grateful and most in touch with him when i am quiet on my deck, listening to sounds of nature in the night...

  9. Wow, was that last picture for real? *Shudder* I get ya about being different. We started home-schooling more than 20 years ago, way before it was popular. Explanations weren't fun, but the results were magnificent.

  10. I understand how sometimes you just need time away from the 'corporate church' As long as you are still meeting to worship with family and friends and not 'forsaking' the meeting together. We lived places at times where there was no english church and, until decided to drive the 2 hours to attend one, we tried having services at home but it didn't work and we suffered for our lack of discipline. One place we lived we actually started one in our home and ended up with about 30 people and it was just what everyone needed.

  11. So I'm all serious in reading this post and pondering on what you have said when all of a sudden I get to the picture. LOL!!! I busted out laughing. That was just perfect! I completely understand what you say about church. It's not always about the building you meet at or what you call yourselves. It's about who you worship and the fact that you are meeting together. I've been praying for you throughout the day today.

  12. The church thing? Totally get it. Our views have changed dramatically in the last few weeks actually. It's unfortunate because it was something we did as a family and enjoyed it. But we have our own faith and celebrate that (mostly) at home now. And you should also be very proud of your homeschooling decision. ;)

  13. What a lovely, honest post. I too "get it" - definitely. You have to do what's right for you in the moment. Oh my.....that last photo is sad.


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