Thursday, August 4, 2011

the inventor.

{boo bear sporting her safety glasses.  NOT swimming goggles mind you!}

i have long since called boo bear the inventor of the family.  she is constantly creating contraptions for her babies and toy horses, thingy-ma-jigs and whatcha-ma-doodles out of household items and is an expert at turning nothing into something!  she values each rock, grain of sand, pebble and flower she comes in contact with...they could all be turned into something grand!

and don't ever let her catch you throwing away a toilet paper tube, envelopes, ziplocks, little jars or anything else that could be deemed a treasure.

{in action, she is "carving" a piece of wood from idaho!}

i marvel at kids' imaginations, even at how different each child really is.  boo bear is a pro at creating something for herself to do.  the first day in our new pad she took up residence in that window and uses it as her work station.  or, she sits and tabulates the amount of cars that go by.  or stares at the horses.

on a recent trip to the storage unit to get our belongings i was concerned what the kids would do for a few minutes.  when will i learn?  it wasn't long before boo bear took the others exploring.  and they came back with an empty water bottle {ours} full of goodies!

pieces to explore, parts to put together and new tools to use in experiments.
a world of fun!

this, my friends, is learning as it's best!!

{if you have a child/grandchild like this, i recommend keeping hand sanitizer and ziplocks handy!  you never know when they may find something worth keeping!  and don't forget to check for hazards! :}


  1. i like your little inventor! :)

  2. She looks so cute in her safety glasses. Cole does that too. I love it. Absolutely darling!

  3. Great going Boo!! When my youngest was small...I never knew what kind of treasure he would have in his pockets for later use! The funny thing was if anyone needed a little something...we would always say...look in Stephen's desk!

  4. That's awesome! She's so creative. Love the goggles...I mean safety glasses! :)

  5. It sounds to me like she is going to be an engineer! I love kids who can entertain themselves. Mine could, so many today can't.

  6. Very creative! And those are great 'safety glasses.'
    Our oldest son is trying to make a few solar ovens. He wants to cook either endless hot dogs or masses of marshmellows all on his own, or maybe it was both, lol. Regardless, love the initiative and creativity of children inventing.

  7. Sooo stinkin' cute!!
    I love her 'safety goggles'!! :)

  8. A great imagination will serve her well when she gets older!!!

  9. She's so cute in her glasses! :)
    I know this all too well! Gracie is my little treasure hunter. Always grabbing me special little treasures wherever we go.

  10. My little sister was like this!

  11. I do not think there is enough hand sanitizer in the world for my little creator, but i love it


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