Sunday, August 14, 2011

aint no city girl.

i was raised in the city.  went to private school most of my life.  even took french.  i was ever so happy to earn my toe shoes in ballet...and i loved to look and hear various forms of art.

enter...garth brooks in high school. 

first pair of cowgirl boots.

my dad worked in an office and wore a business suit everyday...that's all i knew.  business trips, office, board meetings...smell of copy paper {i love that smell!}

when we needed eggs or chicken meat we drove to the store...doesn't everyone?

enter...mountain man.

after we married i remember walking on the front porch after he'd been hunting.  there were dead feathery animals of some kind on our front porch.

i remember standing staring for the longest time...then looking up and down our street for a hidden  'candid camera.'   no such luck.

mountain man's grandma and i both agreed we wished someone would have warned us about the shock joy of marryin' a country boy.

i've been huntin', got poison ivy head to toe from that event.
been to NRA banquets and gun shows. driven a truck and gigantic trailer...through many states. cooked venison, rabbit, collected poopie chicken eggs,  watched meat chickens being butchered and the list goes on and on. 

and you know what?  i wouldn't want it any other way! 

enter...our children.  i've started noticing...the difference between my childhood and theirs. 

for instance, this weekend?  let's go to the feed of the best places on earth!

the kids actually gasped when they turned the corner to see this!  so many many choices!  and this shot only reveals half the selection!  they had a blast trying them on. {come on shoe dept. feed store employees...let us live a little!}

again...another gasp!  candy just like laura, mary and mean 'ol nellie {little house on the prairie, hello?}

mountain mama found some new much needed riding boots for herself $25!  gotta love a bargain.  yee-haw!  {size 6 if you're wondering}

by far one of the best things they've EVER got to do was drive this pony and cart.  the girls talk, play, live horses.  they were beside themselves and it was truly so fun to watch...a dream come true!

and i had to laugh today...i rushed to the store for bug repellent and fishing bait.  i think i may have even said, "do y'all sell any fishing worms here?"  he actually chuckled and said no.  well, this is an oklahoma gas station aint it for pete's sake?! theory is this...sprinkle in a little culture, lots of fishin' and horsin', a smidge of schoolin', swimmin' and lots of love and it's gotta be a recipe for some well rounded kids!  right?  okay, maybe a few tablespoons of culture.


  1. I have never seen so many cowboy boots in one place!! The things love can do :) Great post!

  2. great post. glad your kids are getting this life!

  3. sounds like life! ha... I grew up in the country and I'm now in the city...and I long for the country once again!

  4. I love this, girl! L.O.V.E.!! :)

  5. I would have been happy trying those on too! I live in the city, never lived in the country, and still own 5 pairs of "cowboy" boots. Love 'um! Great post.

  6. You've got yourself some great kids, and that's all you Brooke! :) That's how I was raised, and I think I turned out alright. ;)

  7. Wow look at those coloured boots!

  8. Ha! Our local feed store is like the Mall to us!!!
    and we just started the 4th season of Little House, again!
    Simplicity at it's glad to have you, bloggy friend!

  9. I have not had the experiences you have had, but have had some culture shock, too. My kids love the feed store!

  10. I think you and your kids are very very lucky. The city has many advantages but there is something about the country that will keep them coming home. B

  11. I'm hoping that one day I can write a post like this. Hubby and I want to move out to the country, but need to get all our ducks in a row before that happens. I hope it does! This was a cute post. :)

  12. I love reading your posts. They make me smile and feel good. Love you, Dad.

  13. I think every child ought to have the opportunity of being brought up in the country. It's a deprived childhood otherwise! ;)

  14. love this...and love my country boy! a feed store gets me giddy! i remember meeting my man at the coffee shop at a church event and he walked me to my suburban (momma mobile) i remember asking which one was his....he pointed to the pickup truck and i knew he was the one! haha (ok that's not how i knew..but it sure helped)

  15. LOve this and the boots. What a bargain!


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