Friday, July 29, 2011

we are THAT family and 5 question friday.

we are that family.

the ones who get rained on as soon as we wash the car. 

or the family that gets a hailstorm the night after our new roof gets laid.  in december.  {since when does it hail in december?}

and our latest and greatest.

we're the family who ends up back at my in-laws two days after moving out because the power went out in the new pad.  and i'm pretty sure the only house in the neighborhood to lose power.  yeah, buddy.

you see, it started like this.

we were enjoying some family swim time this evening.  i noticed the sunset and beautiful clouds.  one of the kids pointed out the storm cloud behind us.

mountain man said there was a 15% chance of rain.  and of course that 15% was right over us!

once inside, lighting struck in the front yard close to the power line and things went dark.

we have two choices.

a. laugh
b. cry

we are THAT family.

we're the ones that go with the flow, roll with the punches, laugh at adversity and make lemonade out of lemons. 

yup, we're the ones.

If I accept the sunshine and the warmth, I must also accept the thunder and the lightning. Kahlil Gibran


*5 question friday* straight from fivecrookedhalos.

1.  would you rather be on ABC's extreme home makeover or TLC's What not to wear?  Home makeover for sure.  of course, i would need a home for that wouldn't i?

2.  do you have any tatoos?  yes.  on the inside of my left ankle.  it means family in it about 2 1/2 years ago.

3. do you tell your kids about things you did growing up?  yes!  the good and the bad.  i learned so much as a youngster simply by watching the adults i was around and hearing their stories.  i have nothing to hide and hopefully they will learn from my {many} mistakes.

4.  if the traffic signal turns yellow, do you stop or speed up?  that depends how close i am to the intersection.  and if i see any cops.  and if the kids are with me.   wait a minute...that doesn't sound like the good example i need to be!

5.  what is your preference:  chocolate or chips?  oh that's easy, chocolate chips!

only after i had all the questions answered did i realize i googled questions from 2.11.11 on my phone....sigh.  i really try people. 

but in the end, i am THAT mama.

y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Hahaha! Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't laugh, but how can you not, huh?!? At least you have a good attitude about everything. I think the kicker was the wrong 5QF questions...LOL!

    Hope you guys are back in your house soon!

  2. Thanks for the big smiles tonight! And I'd choose the chocolate chips anytime, too.

  3. Haha oh dear. We are also THAT family. We really are. Just keep laughing...its all you can do!!

    Love you tattoo! I still toy with the idea of getting one in Hebrew!

  4. Love your pictures!! Isn't it crazy how Murphy's Law gets in grooves like that sometimes?! Keep laughing--just think of the crazy memories you're building!! Someday the story you'll tell about this will feel like it was the best of times!

  5. Sorry to hear about the lack of electricity. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I finally, after two weeks, just got the electricity back to my barn after a storm and losing all but two hens and three ducks to raccoons.

  6. We have been THAT family for years...I think my son thinks we passed it on to him...adventures...that's what they are...we have to look at it that way...otherwise we'd be wasting our time feeling sorry for my husband used to tell his Little League team when he was coaching...never get too high...never get too works for us!!

  7. oh i wish we got real thunder and lightning storms out here. We are lucky if we see lightning once every other year... When I say lucky - of course it means the kind of lightning where no one gets hurt. :)

  8. Love your humor about things :) You cracked me up with this post...and Love your tattoo!

  9. So crazy about the lightning! That would happen to us too!

  10. If you're like our family you look down the checkout lanes, pick the one that is obviously the shortest, take your place in line and someone ahead of you inevitably has a problem. The only thing to do is laugh it off.

  11. you are a crack up :-) I love chocolate chips too. 2/11/11, 7/29/'s all good...
    sorry you had to leave for the power outage but sure glad you weren't in the front yard when the lightening struck.
    Love the tatto choice! That will never be out of style.

  12. Geesh...when it rains (figuratively) it pours! I hope things come to an even keel soon. God just likes to see if you're really paying attention, right? :) Oh, and I read a blog called "We are THAT Family." so I was confused when I clicked over to your post. It took my brain a second to figure out where I was! :) I hope you had a good weekend and that you're back in your home.

  13. ohhhh noooo!! sorry about the whole...'when it rains it pours..or in your case ..knocks the power out. big hugs friend. i guess as a Christian we are always on our toes...huh!!

  14. no no no...Im with Linda on this one - its not called issues - its called...ADVENTURE :D remember, adventure! My 22 & 24 year old daughters laugh and laugh now at all the "adventures" we had while they were growing up - now that they are older they realize that actually those kind of things are suppose to be difficult and trying lol but jiminy crickets we were just happy we were alive most of the time so we made them adventures lol! those will definitely be your kids one day, and you will all laugh and laugh :D

    One of my favorite quotes, and i dont know who the author is - "the evening's coals are the morning's ashes" - its written in my bible to remind me that what seems so vital, desperate and important now, will be old news tomorrow. Good quote.

    Love the answers to those questions each week - we get to see who God created and put down on earth for your family...teehee..."the adventure loving mountain mama woman"
    ***feral woman takes off at a dead run as mountain mama burns through a yellow light to catch up to her** teehee!


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