Friday, July 1, 2011

some things you may or may not know.

we ventured to an animal sanctuary yesterday ~ a place for exotic animals to live after their previous owner/owners decide they can't keep up with them.  the above tiger was mike tyson's.  he apparently had a large cat collection.  it costs roughly $500 a month per cat to keep them fed.

this is a liger.  half lion half tiger.  in order to be called a liger the dad is the lion and the mama is a tiger.  they never stop growing {up to 1,800 pounds}.  i believe they are called tigon when the tiger is the daddy and the mama is the lion.  and they have stunted growth {about 200 pounds}.

i don't have any fun facts about this pot bellied pig, i just thought he was blogger worthy.  kinda reminds me of a sumo wrestler.

i had asked about this camel's water intake...curious as to how much she drinks when it's readily available on a daily basis.  i'm not sure which is more disturbing,the fact that she can drink a 2 liter of pop in 20 seconds or the fact that she drinks pop.

is it just me or is this guy giving me the evil eye?  good thing they don't have strong muscles to open their mouths.

see the baby in the pouch?  when a baby is born they are roughly the size of a pea.  mama licks a path to the pouch and the animal keepers don't see the baby again for about another 3 months!

the buff daddy kangaroo cracks me up.  he's taller than me when he stands up!

i lost track of trooper for a minute and he was found lovin' on a little roo...look at the expression on her face!  that's oklahoma heat for ya!

we then ventured to the OKC science museum...what a busy day! anyway, while i was in the mountains it looks like someone came up with a marketing ploy.  up front parking spaces for facebook fans. what about the rest of us who boycott facebook? 

this mural covered a wall.  i've always liked albert einstein.  in the 8th grade i dressed up like him for a math presentation.  white curly wig, mustache whitened with shoe polish and my dad's clothes.  don't laugh ~ it was my dad's idea.  i got an A. okay, you can laugh if you want.

and in case you didn't know i have the cutest astronauts on this side of the universe!

*to the best of my knowledge these stats are correct.  i did the best i could to listen, keep track of my kids and watch for any lose wild animals.  thank you and have a nice day =)


  1. they are pretty darn cute!

    i hope those animals get plenty of good care. :)

  2. Thank you I had a very nice trip to this sanctuary. I enjoyed the commentator and the beautiful photos. B

  3. What a great way to spend the day!

  4. Wonderful animals, but I couldn't quite figure the pot-bellied pig.... I even turned the laptop upside down to see if the photo needed turning!!

  5. Looks like lots of fun! Come by the farm next time you're in OKC.

  6. Okay, I have to admit that the pot-bellied pig picture took me a long time to figure out. All I could see was a frog smiling lazily. It was like looking at a cloud and seeing a picture in it. I knew it wasn't a frog, but I couldn't figure out where the pig was! Do you see the frog? Please tell me I'm not cray. Okay, you can call me crazy if you want.
    I didn't know that about the Tigon and Liger. Actually, I'd never heard of a Tigon. Cool.

  7.'s the pig's face...he just has some extra pudge.

    i can see it so well because i took the picture, sorry it's throwing y'all for a loop.

  8. I knew it was a pig right away =) then again I grew up working on a pig farm! ha....

    interesting facts about Tigon and Ligers...

  9. I really enjoyed catching up on all your fun posts here. I too love Albert and shun facebook. Of course your kids are adorable astronauts and pioneers and... ... .... Wishing your family all God's blessings as you settle into the next chapter of your story.

  10. What a wonderful day.. We will be driving through OKC tomorrow.. I will honk as we go north! :)

  11. That pig was definitely blogger worthy - and made me laugh!
    The facebook fan sign - disturbing, especially since we currently are not fans of facebook, lol:)
    And, I so didn't know about the lion and tiger babes. Though we did have mules (horse and donkey combo) as our school's mascot when I was growing up...

  12. What a fun fact, you dressing up as old Albert, love it!

    Learned a lot of things this post, thanks for sharing! Looks like you all had a great time. I esp. love the pic of Trooper petting the kangaroo. That kangaroo looks like she really needed the extra encouragement! What a face! lol

  13. What an amazing trip! Love the kangaroos and can't get over the fact that you can actually pet them! :)

  14. You *do* have the cutest astronauts! Looks like a great time was had by all :) That pig is a riot! and I absolutely love the frogs in your header!!! They look like they're professing their undying love... ha!~ thanks for sharing M.M.! (don't even get me started on the irresponsibility of some people with regard to animals...grrrr!)

  15. WHat an awesome
    Do they REALLY give that camel pop?
    Love the pot-belly did awesome on all of this- including your Einstein dress-up;)))

  16. What beautiful pictures, although I'm seriously disturbed that they are giving that camel soda pop...

  17. Whoohhooo that PIG!!!

    haha great shots

  18. Too cute! Great pictures and very interesting facts! :D
    Glad you're all doing well :)


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