Saturday, July 23, 2011

shrimp ceviche.

because of my humble roots it doesn't take much to impress me.  such was the case in california.  i could have gotten very used to the valet parking that seemed to be on every corner.  {doctor's offices have it due to limited parking, which is usually underground.}  i was also very surprised at the low amount of fast food joints. i think i saw two. 

and while we're on the subject of food:

one of the things that my taste buds loved was shrimp ceviche.  it's perfect on a warm summer day when you don't want to eat heavy.  made with cilantro, lime juice, shrimp, avacado, cukes and paired with a crisp pita chip or something of the sorts you can't go wrong with it.

i woke up this morning thinking about the concoction {what?  don't you dream about food?} so i did a search to find the easiest, yummiest sounding version.  click the word here to see it.  


post about my little bro coming very soon!  we are in the midst of moving and throwing a birthday party at the same time. 

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  1. moving! you should be a pro by now! be safe in this heat!

  2. Sounds like your busy with all kinds of fun out there!! :)

  3. Hahaa, that shrimp stuff... ain't heard of that! Is it a Calafornia thing?

    We'll be praying for y'all as you move.. again. ;-) Looks like you had fun on your trip, boy! That is some kinda big city!

    Y'all come visit us in Georgia after you get settled down. ;-)

  4. I am always dreaming of food. Yummy shrimp. I miss my little brother I wish he was coming for a visit. Enjoy your time. B

  5. That shrimp dish looks soooooo my kinda thing. Yum.

    And yes, I 'eat, drink and sleep' food.
    A x

  6. That look very yummy! I have to say that I dream about food day and night. As soon as one meal is over, I'm thinking about the next...mostly because I'm the one who has to cook it. :) Oh, and have I told you I like your new header? I do, I do, I do, I do, I do! (Sung in my best Mama Mia song voice)


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