Monday, July 11, 2011

seeing green and misc. updates

what do you do when you have cukes coming out of your ears?  why, do some canning of course!  i have personally only canned once {fig jam in ga} and have recently been wanting to learn more.  with the help of my MIL i was able to do just that!

the girls helped.  there was LOTS of washing, chopping, cutting, soaking, simmering, sanitizing...phew! please excuse the pei wei to-go container with rice sticking on the sides.  lovely...i know. 

the goodies chill on ice for about 3 hours.  too bad we had to start this project at about 6 o'clock one night!

the lighting isn't the best in this shot. remember i just have a point & shoot and this was about 10 pm.  but,i love the glass, the bricks and the colors of the dishcloth.

y'all head on over here for a canning giveaway!  leanna is great, you'll heart her!

we went to some family land this weekend.  oh...heaven!  i realized that i am a certified country girl.  i could have set there all day breathing it in, listening to nature and conversing with the Lord.

we spotted these huge lilly pads from the street.  i wish i could have gotten closer but there was a fence.  and i'm not big on trespassing in these here parts.  i did however stand on the top of the car to get this shot...because i'm a rebel like that.  these are special lilly pads according to mountain man that have to be ordered and they originated in japan.  i think.  don't hold me to it.  they get huge, can cover the entire pond and go deep down deep in the water.

*some of our friends went on vacation so we had the privilege to take care of their place.  it was heavenly too.  water of the gardens, weeding, taking care of chickens and a horse.  wow, we loved it! 

*my 10 day cleanse did NOT last as long and i would have liked.  due to a couple of unforeseen circumstances {personal} it will have to be postponed.  but, i did get a good start, got one of the utterly disgusting salt water flushes done and i'm still alive!

i think that's it for now.  the winner of the giveaway will be randomly drawn tomorrow.  it's not too late if you still need to enter.  y'all have a great day!


  1. glad you had some country time. it's marvelous to fill the soul. :) loved the canning shot of all the jars and their lids. and of course, your sweet daughter makes a wonderful assistant.

  2. I've done canning like that before!! So many cucumbers, lucky you :):)

    Wonderful pictures...

  3. i'm dying to can friend is having a giveaway for a starter set and cookbook...check my sunday blog post for info

    i'm jealous of you can'n chicks

  4. I totally want to try my hand at canning! I have a friend who does it...and I think I am going to ask her if I can sit in and learn next time!

    Thanks for visiting my site...sorry it took me long long to come back and say 'hi'!

  5. Love the pic of your girl helping! Canning is so much more fun when the kitchen is full of helpers, even if it is late at night! :) Thanks for blogging the giveaway!

  6. Yay for canning. I hope I get into this pretty soon, but all is just kinda sitting there, it's to darn HOT!

    Love the pics, girl!

  7. Nothing like being surrounded by nature for replenishing body and mind.
    Yes, I could just 'get' you.... sniffing in all that fresh air and green-ness :)

    Love the canning....

  8. On my sidebar under my recipes there is a recipe for sweet pickles...they are really easy to do.I have people begging me for them.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  9. I'm in the midst of making up a batch of lime pickles as I type this. The cukes on on ice for another couple of hours, then they'll be sitting in their final solution for 8 hours or so before the canning begins tonight.

  10. I've never canned anything. I freeze things. I love lily pads and as for a cleanse, never gonna do that unless I'm having some sort of tests or surgery the next day:)

  11. Those look so yummy. I'm jealous. I'm still waiting for ours to grow.

  12. Sounds like some fun housesitting! I plan on taking a whirl at canning this year. I may need to - I planted 30 cucumber plants. :-) Yikes!!

  13. Did you make some pickles with any of those?
    I give you credit for going through with even some of that cleanse! It's hard to go through with! Glad you're all well!


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