Wednesday, July 27, 2011

one crafty lady.

the older i get the more i value what people can do with their hands.  art, crafts, mechanic work, gardening and the list goes on.  i'm not crafty mainly because i don't have the patience to learn.  mix in a little ADD with stubbornness and you get me!

because i value the people who have great products and work hard i thought it would be neat to let them advertise free on the blog, you'll notice a sunflower on my sidebar.  but, do know this.  i am picky, picky about products and services.  and, anyone that is advertised on the blog i have checked into!  and, why purchase something mass produced when you can get at item that was handmade with scout always says with gusto, "why is EVERYTHING made in china??"

i'd like you meet  katy.  she makes some beautiful aprons at a great price.  i love, love all the fabric she has to choose from!  i literally searched high and low for a reasonably priced apron in a pattern i adored and came up empty.  a fellow okie blogger told me about "aprons and more."


i ordered this apron and totally love it!  her shipping was fast and her packaging was great too!  this is what she says about herself on her etsy store:

I am currently a caregiver for my mother who is recovering from a rare sinus cancer. I am glad I have a way to share with you my work and have to opportunity to do what I love every day!!

My two favorite passions are fabric and yarn. I must have tons of both! I have been crocheting and sewing since I was a teenager, thanks to both of my grandmothers! One made my Barbie doll clothes and the other could crochet anything! Very inspiring! Learning from them I felt that I was carrying on a tradition that need not be forgotten!

I love functional items. I think that is why I make purses and now have branched out to aprons and potholders. I love the process of combining colors and patterns! Plus having something that is handmade is always special!

if you need an apron or know someone who does this is the place to get one!  think about your fellow mama, wife, sister, chicken egg collector {they have pockets!}...the list goes on.  AND, her aprons are 10% until july 31, 2011! 

click here for miss katy's etsy store!!

{thank you all for your interest in our personal affairs...we are still in the process of moving. it got slowed way down due to two under the weather kiddos.  we are headed over there today to clean and maybe take some pics for y'all!}


  1. I love etsy! I can spend hours there... but I there are things to be done around here, but seriously it's way too cool! ;)
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Can't wait to see pictures, and hear how it's going. Hope the kiddos are feeling much better now!! :)

  2. I love your header pic... what a beautiful family you are!! And I will check out Katy's etsy store. I simply adore Etsy :) Hope everyone stays well and that the moving proceeds as planned. Will be anxious for pix! -Tammy

  3. Nice post... I love aprons. I appreciate what people make too :)

  4. Thanks for the etsy link.....there is something so special about homemade aprons...or homemade anything!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hope to see you settled in the apron...they are fun! Your new header is great the picture!!

  6. Thanks for sharing, will hop over & check her etsy shop out.

  7. Those are so great! I know what you mean about good aprons being hard to come by. I love her choices of patterns. I made a pretty good apron out of old jeans and cute fabric - then I made one for every woman in my family. It was fun! But since mine was the first one, it's not nearly as good as it could be. :)


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