Thursday, July 21, 2011

cali through my eyes.

after a layover in pheonix and a quick visit with our friend superbrad i landed in L.A.  it's another world.  dad picked me up at the airport and we were off to tour their stomping grounds.  something that interested me was the bathrooms. each bathroom was distinct and had something fancy about it.

see that futuristic hand dryer made by dyson?  it looks like a robot to me.  and one of the shopping malls had bathrooms with towels and people leave don't see that in OK much and certainly not at a mall!

we ordered water and low and behold there are different kinds of water!  at an asian restaurant dad settled for a carbonated agua from norway in a glass bottle...who knew! 

we drove through beverly hills, ethiopia town, century city and many other areas in which i can't remember their names.  it was all a sight to be seen. 

we were surrounded by many, many different people, cultures, languages...a melting pot if you will of america. 

we headed to the santa monica pier...i really tried hard not to look like a tourist.  route 66 runs through where we live so it was neat to be right at the end of it!

the brightly colored buildings set off the big farris wheel close to the beach.

and what LA beach would be complete without a LAPD chopper hovering around? {not seen in pic}

somehow i wasn't surprised to see bubba gump shrimp co. restaurant with "jenny's catch of the day."

my favorite spot was a place called farmer's market.  it's an open air market where you can shop {if you're a tourist :} and eat.  each eating spot was decorated to fit it's theme.  many were vintage inspired, or maybe truly vintage.

does it get any better than that?

that's my first two days in a nut shell.  next, my dad and i fly to sacramento where my brother and step-mom are.

to be continued...the best is yet to come!


  1. Well this looks like an absolutely amazing adventure! I have to say I'm a tad jealous....except I'm fine to have my water from the tap in a glass from my cupboard;)
    Nice pictures!

  2. Looks like you're having a great time. We serve the brand "well water" in glasses at our house. :-)

  3. looks like a really fun place to visit, but i wouldn't want to live there. i'd certainly eat my fill of seafood, though, while i was there!

  4. Wow, just beautiful shots.
    Love the image of you and the kids in your header also.
    Can't wait to hear more.

  5. Oh wow, it looks like so much fun! I can't wait to read more. Love the new header, too

  6. Wow! Sounds like quite an adventure. Looks like a beautiful place! Can't wait to haer more about your visit!

  7. MM I am so bummed I wasn't able to meet up with you. But it sounds like such an espresso trip that it was probably best that I was tied up. Gave you more time with your dad. But please come back! I want to see you in the 3d world. :)


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