Tuesday, June 28, 2011

on meeting a movie star.

{alex & stephen kendrick on the set of Facing The Giants}

and i use the term "movie star" very loosely because i have a feeling alex wouldn't care for it much being the humble person he is but i had to get your attention some how, right?  right.

do you recognize his face?

i'm talking about alex kendrick from Facing the Giants, Fireproof and now the upcoming Courageous movie of course!!

alex and his brother stephen are the men behind all of the amazing movies and books that are literally changing thousands of lives, marriages and relationships! 

and i found myself smack dab in the middle of his living room!

i'm going to be honest here because that's what i do best...it's just a shame i don't get paid for it, isn't it?  anyway, as we watched Facing the Giants {which we loved} i couldn't help but wonder about the people behind the movie.  i thought to myself, "it's great they are teaching godly principles but is that how they really live?"  "what are their homes really like?"

i never dreamed i would have the chance to find out.

we moved to georgia in november of 2009 and had no clue which church to try first.  mountain man and i agreed upon "the movie making church" Sherwood Baptist in Albany, Georgia.  we at least wanted to visit to say that we had.  and it turns out we never left.

the first people we met after sunday school was alex and his wife.  in fact she and i lined up a play date before i looked to see who her husband was.  i then became nervous.  don't ask me why, that's just how i roll.

the play date came.

let's just say i was overjoyed to see a family of 8 living in peace and giving God the glory.  i was thrilled to see kids using their manners.  it blessed me to see the principles in the movie being lived right there in front of my eyes. 

i shared heart to hearts with his sweet wife who quickly became a kindred spirit and a dear friend.  i played with their kids.  alex took a piece of the cut up cantaloupe we brought with his bare hand and i gave him a hard time about it.  good thing he has a sense of humor.

but that's not all!

the people from the church are prayer warriors like i've never seen!  they band together and pray!  when we walked in wearing our jeans and cowboy boots they looked us in the eyes and smiled without flinching.  and yes, it was a bit odd walking down the halls noticing people who had a role/roles in the movies. but, they are JUST people and they will tell you that.  just people who are open to being used by God. 

being a "movie star" and a "movie making church" would go to some people's heads...you know the ones.  but, not these sweet southern individuals.  their pastor makes sure they stay firmly planted and focused on what's really important. 

i worked in the production office for Courageous and got to visit the set a few times. i listened and watched.  there was tons of laughing, praying, humbleness and lots of hard work! it takes SO many people to make a movie happen and almost everyone from the cast and crew were volunteers!

i also watched in a quiet corner as alex was stopped by strangers wanting to talk to him.  he was very patient and kind.  if it was me i can only imagine what i would be thinking: "for the love of pete...can't i go anywhere without being stopped by someone?"  alas, that's why i'm not the one making movies.

i walked away from Georgia a changed person.  and not only did i grow and make new friends, it was also proven to me without a doubt that yes, the people behind these movies are authentic, real, God fearing people. 

and i am very, very pleased to be able to promote Courageous whole heartily and i hope not only that you'll go see it but that you tell everyone you know about it! 

Facing The Giants focused on living life for God, giving Him glory.

Fireproof was about building a strong marriage.

Courageous is about fatherhood...so many homes are missing daddies these days!

the release date is set for september 30th!

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click here to get your tickets!

you better believe we'll be there opening night...see you there!


  1. Its wonderful when you can find people and 'churches' like this! It's hard today to find people who really walk in the truth! Have a wonderful day!

  2. What an encouragement, to know they talk the talk, AND walk the walk. We're very thankful for their commitment to bring movies together with wonderful messages that are needed in today's society. I'm more than glad to add their button to my blog, thanks for sharing that. Can't wait to see this newest movie of theirs.

  3. We just watched Facing the Giants a week ago. I love that movie. I can't wait to watch Courageous!

  4. I have watched Fireproof and love it! I didn't know about the other two, I'll have to check them out! Thanks for sharing.

  5. We really liked "fireproof" when it came out - especially the twist to the ending about the mom! And the humor was soo right on - cant wait to see "courageous!"


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